• mwalsh1011

Patriotic Parfait featuring Breyers CarbSmart Vanilla

#AD I’ve partnered with @Breyers CarbSmart to create a super quick and easy dessert for the 4th of July using CarbSmart Vanilla! Whip up this patriotic parfait in no time! As a registered dietitian, I love the Breyers CarbSmart range of products because they can easily fit into a carb conscious lifestyle and with a variety of tubs and bar flavors you’re sure to find something you love without sacrificing taste! Cheers to a Happy 4th of July! (Originally posted July 4, 2019)

3 Ingredients

· 0.25 cup, Blueberries

· 0.50 cup (58 grams), Carb Smart Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert

· 0.25 cup, Raspberries